The Physics Graduate Council is the representative body to facilitate communication and advocate for the rights, concerns, and objectives of the graduate students in the Physics Department at UC San Diego. The PGC holds quarterly meetings which all physics graduate students are encouraged to attend and discuss their problems and concerns. Additional meetings of the committee are held as needed.

The PGC will also participate in the fall orientation sessions for incoming students, organize the weekly tea time, and yearly qualification exam review.

Twelve graduate students, two for each graduate class, are elected for a one year term on this committee, with three serving as co-chairs. The PGC acts as a liaison between the faculty, administration and the students. This council provides an appropriate forum for student complaints and grievances. The council can make recommendations to help students deal with difficult situations, or present grievance issues to the administration.

Next PGC Meeting (Mayer 5205)

PGC meetings are open to any and all physics graduate students. Feel free to join if you're interested. Meetings typically run ~1 hour. Our next meeting will be on: sometime in December, 2017.

History and Accomplishments

The Physics Graduate Council (PGC) was formed in March 2012, by graduate students Alexander Mendez, Jacob Stanley, and Jordan Gosselin to facilitate the communication of concerns of the graduate students.

A few notable items we have accomplished include:


Physics graduate students have access to:

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